Morrisville_SignMorrisville, NC is a rapidly growing Triangle community that is located near the town of Cary, Research Triangle Park and southern Durham. April’s Cleaning has had an up-close view of the growth in Morrisville and surrounding communities. For much of its existence, Morrisville remained a largely rural and farm-friendly community. As recently as 1980, Morrisville’s official population was fewer than 300 people. More recently, the population has nearly quadrupled since the turn of the century to approximately 20,000 residents. The addition of large shopping complexes and expansion of country roads to major thoroughfares has complimented the presence of large companies, such as Lenovo, Tekelec and Lulu.

At April’s Cleaning, we welcome the opportunity to be of service to residents living in and around Morrisville. With certified cleaning professionals, April’s Cleaning Service is able to provide cleaning services with an affordable price. Along with the prices, April’s Cleaning Services has flexible bundle deals that best fit the needs of each customer. Whether it a one time cleaning or a reoccurring occasion, April’s Cleaning Service is a reliable service to all customers in Morrisville!

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